About us

With a keen interest in the construction industry, Daniel Tringrove started his career in glazing 18 years ago after working in a factory assembling windows and doors. He felt the need to specialise in something, so he soon took on an apprenticeship with a local glazing firm.

Daniel moved on to another glazing company where he completed his apprenticeship and his passion for commercial glazing developed. Daniel soon realised how much he loves running commercial projects from start to finish. Good work with the firm lead to career advancements into project management for the company, as well as quoting. Sadly, however, the company went into receivership and in 2014 Daniel decided it was time to go out by himself. He used what little money he had to buy stock and a vehicle, and now 6 years on is running a thriving business with a great future.

Daniel gets a lot of his jobs as he is reliable and affordable, not to mention his easy going nature. Nothing is too much effort. Having already established his name in the industry, Daniel has a good relationship with many builders in the Hobart area.

Having always been an employee in the past, Daniel is thrilled now to be an employer. He loves running the jobs and getting out and about, meeting lots of people.

“Love your job and never work another day in your life”

This quote sums up Daniel’s feelings towards his business. Daniel is feels the loss of his job gave him the push he needed to go out on his own. He loves being a glazier and loves the jobs he come across. He has never looked back.